Cooking, Garden

Herby salt

After having a bit of a prune in the garden we soon found that we had a larger amount of sage and rosemary than we had expected.  Usually the prunings get dried for later use.  However the sage is trying to take over a corner of one of the borders, and there are now three rather healthy rosemary plants that are also bent on border domination.

After a little bit of research we found that both sage and rosemary can be used in salts, much like chili salt and onion salt (both of which we like in the kitchen).  So, after acquiring some rock salt the herbs were chopped and mixed in. They are now infusing in a pair of Mason jars. As this is a first attempt,  we’re not sure about how long it will take to properly infuse, but if we need to make a second, third, fourth or even fifth batch we’ll certainly have enough in the way of herbs! 

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