The Farm

ViewBinty’s Farm is an 8 acre holding on the edge of the village of Boscastle in Cornwall.  The land is not flat, but this allows for some fantastic sea views from the house and fields.

The main garden has a koi pond and a large number of specimen plants.  It is fair to say that it is a plantsmans garden, having been established some thirty years ago.  Due to its location, plants flower early and it is not uncommon to have Camellias blooming in PineFebruary.  There is also a small arboretum with a variety of trees including beech, silver birch and monkey puzzle.

The pastureland is set to the side of the property and consists of two large fields surrounded by stone walls.  The top field is around 4 acres in size while the lower field is around 3½ acres and divided into smaller paddocks for ease of grazing.

BambooAs far as infrastructure goes there are two elderly sheds in the lower field which formerly housed chickens.  One of our first jobs was to convert the former dog kennel in to a hen house for our chickens, followed by removing an old aviary to make more space for growing.  We’ve since created a few vegetable areas and an orchard!