Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Ups and downs

The twerks have had their ups and downs recently.  Luckily, there are more ups than downs but it doesn’t make the downs any better.  There is an old adage, “Where there is livestock there is dead stock”, and it is very true.

Sadly, this was the case with Gobbles.  Despite the antibiotics and the fact that she was looking more perky, we came home from work to find that she had gone to sing with the choir invisible, and was an ex-turkey.  This cause a lot of distress to everyone as Gobbles had wobbled her way into many people’s hearts in the short time that she had become part of the family.  Whatever we are doing with the animals we always have to bear in mind that there will be times that we do our best, but it just won’t be good enough.  But, we must look at things positively and we do have five happy, healthy Twerks still with us.

Top: Gobbles in her box, being sociable.  Left: Little and large, Gobbles with the largest of her ‘siblings’.  Right:  Exploring the kitchen for the first time.

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if I can bring the remaining Twerks into the office (an office isn’t complete without a turkey or two), but there is a reason that we refer to them as the Five Turkeys of the Apocalypse…they cause havoc wherever they go!  Of course, they don’t know this, they’re just out to have a good time!

They are growing remarkably quickly and now devour an egg in a matter of seconds, it really is quite a sight to behold!  In a little while they’ll be ready to go out into the garden…









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