The People

WelliescropFor as long as we can remember our family has always enjoyed gardening, keeping animals and growing vegetables.  We’ve never been close to self-sufficient, but have always made the most of what we have; whether it is produce from the garden, our sheep or our beehives. We have always wanted a smallholding, so we sold the house that we had lived and grown up in for the past 19 years.  On 28th October 2016 we moved from Devon to Cornwall, taking with us our flock of sheep and bees and started on our new adventure.

FoxgloveWe are a family of four each with out own specialist areas.
Binty (who the farm is named after) is our expert in all things chicken-related.  She is also a master in the kitchen and keeps us all fed! Being the smallest of the family, she is also the one that gets put in the loft or on top of sheds when there is more delicate work to be done!  Pops has a history in engineering and is very methodical.  He can often be seen pacing out areas of the garden or land while planning areas for cDaffodilultivation.  He is in charge of all things vegetable related and the go-to person for more technical jobs.  Little P is the youngest of the family (though not little any more!) and she is our shepherdess.  She runs our flock with precision and knows each sheep individually.  The sheep are her priority and they will follow her across the smallholding as well as replying to her when she calls.  Ransy is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades.  She covers our social media and products in line with her experience in marketing.  When not in front of the computer she can be Pollyfound knitting or experimenting with her natural dyes.  The final member of our family is much more hairy than the rest.  Polly is our black Labrador and is never far from us.  She goes with Little P on her morning checks, follows Pops as he checks the vegetables and watches Binty with interest whenever she is working.