We have always had chickens for companionship and eggs.  There is nothing like having your own fresh eggs for breakfast followed by being accompanied by a chicken chaperone as you dig over the vegetable patch and flower borders!  As we can easily use a dozen eggs in an omelette or fritata, we are intending to keep a variety of breeds to ensure we don’t run out.

warrencrop The first hens that we brought on to Binty’s Farm were a pair of Warrens from Blake’s Poultry in Launceston   Warrens are very friendly, curious birds and often under your feet.  As they are hybrids they are less prone to being flighty and nervous and lay around 300 light brown eggs per year.  Over the past few years we have introduced barn hens from commercial farms as well as other breeds including Copper Maran, Light Sussex, Welsummer, Vowerk and Cream Legbar.

Due to Avian Flu we are being very cautious and careful with our chooks and their origins, we lie outside of the restriction zones but it is always better to be safe than sorry.