Cars, Number 28

Petrolhead tendencies, pt2

Having had Sylvia; my Ford Capri, MOT’d, I drove her to work and back on an almost daily basis for about a year, ignoring the slight gearbox oil weep, and the water that kept filling the rear footwell, and the lack of radio, and the mess of ECU wiring in the passenger footwell… until we completed on our purchase of Number 28 and I had other things to think about. When she then developed a bit of a misfire, I thought “i’ll sort that out later”, and parked her in the parking bay out in front of my mothers house, and left her to it… for just over 2 years…

Fast-forward to April 2014, and I decided it was well past time to have her trailered down to the parking outside Number 28 and try and get her going once more.



Getting around to that took another 12 months…


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