Chickens, Number 28

High eggspectations?

The vigilant amongst you will have noticed that things have gone very quiet on our chick-hatching front. Infact, things have not gone well at all. From where we left off with a series of minor disasters, our Brinsea mini-eco incubator did seem to work alright, for about 7 days. Then, one morning I came down to… Continue reading High eggspectations?

Number 28, Turkey, Video

Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

The twerks are now spending more time outside and less time in the kitchen, which is a bit of a relief. Being greeted by chirps is lovely, but these little feathery beasties are the worst roommates ever. They stay up late into the night chatting, spread their food everywhere and even poo on the floor.… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Ups and downs

The twerks have had their ups and downs recently.  Luckily, there are more ups than downs but it doesn't make the downs any better.  There is an old adage, "Where there is livestock there is dead stock", and it is very true. Sadly, this was the case with Gobbles.  Despite the antibiotics and the fact… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Ups and downs

Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles’ adventure

It didn't take long for Gobbles to get bored of her box and start shouting.  We found that she would sit in the corner and get comfortable, then be unwilling to move to get food or drink.  So, we did what any rational people would do: took her to work to make sure she ate… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles’ adventure

Garden, Number 28

Finishing the front garden

As mentioned in a previous post, we've been working on the front garden in an effort to make it into something that is productive, aesthetically pleasing and something that makes up for the front of our house looking like a car park.  With all of the hard work under our belts we just had a little… Continue reading Finishing the front garden

Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles

When we first got the chickadees we joked about one being called 'Gobbles', as per the South Park episode.  Well, it turns out we do have a Gobbles on our hands. Initially we thought that s/he had a slipped tendon and while we put her on box rest away from the others (they are very… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles

Cooking, Garden, Number 28, Recipe

Home Made Turkish Delight

I've always fancied making Turkish delight, but have never really been brave enough to give it a go through fear of a colossal mess and catastrophic failure.  However there comes a time when you've got to be brave and give it a shot.  I'd decided to make this for Pops for Fathers Day, and after… Continue reading Home Made Turkish Delight

Number 28, Turkey, Video

Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!

In our first turkey post we showed a picture of the chickadees dozing under the heat-lamp having just eaten half an egg.  Well, they have grown somewhat and 'eating half an egg' has turned into some feverish piranha-like egg devouring frenzy.  You'd think they were never fed... We've had a lot of people say that turkeys… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!

Garden, Number 28, Vegetables

A little harvest

For the past couple of weeks the weather has been decidedly damp, and moments in the garden have been few and far between.  However, today has been a bit nicer and so we managed to pop out and have a little harvest. From the vegetable patch our the front we have an assortment of radishes,… Continue reading A little harvest