Garden, Number 28, Vegetables

Milk for mildew

A little while ago I noticed a white substance on the leaves of the courgettes at Number 28. Mildew
After delving into my gardening books, I found out that is was mildew, a type of fungi that creates a powdery covering on the leaves of plants.  It isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it is unsightly and plants do tend to fruit better when they are in full health.  A quick internet search came up with an interesting article and a suggestion as how mildew can be combated.  A mixture of milk and water (10:90, to 40:60 solution) is commonly used as a preventative when sprayed every two weeks or so.  Unfortunately as I hadn’t thought about this in advance it was just a case of giving it a go.  Well, nothing changed but it didn’t get any worse!  This is probably something that we will look at doing next year to prevent the same occurence…that being said, it certainly didn’t stop the plants producing a vast number of courgettes and a few marrows, too!

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