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The Lambing Shed (Part 2)

With the inside in a slightly more acceptable condition, we started to focus on the front of the shed.  The cladding was very weather worn and rotting in places and so we decided to strip this off and replace it with treated plywood panels.

Spot the missing support

This was relatively easy as we do tend to excel in demolition and though our techniques are a bit haphazard (Pops excluded) we get the work done.

Things started getting interesting when we realised that one of the uprights wasn’t actually supporting the gable end at all.  And while assessing this we realised that one of the supports to the peak was rotted through.  So, all we needed to do before we finished the cladding was to replace these beams!

Rot rot baby

For this, we called on the engineering expertise of Pops.  All in all it took about two days to get the front sorted, and this included buying the supplies.

As we painted the front, we worked out way down the field-side too.  We replaced the boarding with new treated plywood and then realised that the back corner frame was on its way out…and so was the roof support for that section, so we spent a while dismantling, re-mantling and reconstructing the side.  This was a job we hadn’t considered needed doing, but one that we weren’t surprised about!  Its better to be safe than sorry!

Before and after!


Now that we knew the shed was as sound as could be expected, we moved on to the lambing setup…


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