Those aren’t Ryelands…

A little update on our (not so) baby Bluefaces.  'Cadbury' is now called Sweetheart and has settled in well with her flock of black Bluefaces and Gotlands in Cornwall.  The remaining two girls have retained their names of Fruit and Nut...Nut is currently living up to hers and is rather unwilling to socialise.  Fruit, however has… Continue reading Those aren’t Ryelands…


Counting sheep

Whenever we visit the flock we do a quick head count to make sure that everyone is still in the group (and to ensure nobody has wandered off).  We count them as we have always counted, starting at one and going up, because that's how it works, isn't it? However, counting sheep hasn't always been as it… Continue reading Counting sheep


More sheep?!

For a little while we've been toying with the idea of getting some more sheep: not a vast number, but just a few for cross-breeding purposes.  The Ryelands are perfect for us and we're still going to be breeding pedigree stock, we're just going to be investigating other options. This funny looking sheep is a… Continue reading More sheep?!

Number 28, Sheep

Sheep paperwork: 2015 certificates

An annual job; sorting out the registration certificates and making sure they get to the new owners.  Due to putting last year's certificates somewhere very, very safe, there are more than usual to send out this time.  Our (not-so) little lambs are off to join other flocks and hopefully produce wonderful lambs of their own.

Bees, Craft, Sheep

Get your hands on our goods

We've got an Etsy shop!  We've had one for a little while, but have recently re-vamped it to include some lovely new items.  We have a selection of yarn from our sheep in lovely hand-dyed colours, raw and clean fleece, hand-made cards and are hoping to add some lovely lip balms in the near future.… Continue reading Get your hands on our goods