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Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build 3

Mr P-J has been working very hard on the turkey enclosure and it is finally finished! With a bit of help from Binty and Little P we now have netting across the top of the area, just in case the turkeys decide to have a bit of a flap. Much like some aircraft, turkeys are… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build 3


Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 

Time flies, especially when you've got five turkeys growing at a rate of knots!  Now that they are fully feathered and definitely not a viable cat target the Twerks are living get outside.  Their cage has been extended and during the day the roam around the garden.  While this is a good thing for them,… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 

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Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

The twerks are now spending more time outside and less time in the kitchen, which is a bit of a relief. Being greeted by chirps is lovely, but these little feathery beasties are the worst roommates ever. They stay up late into the night chatting, spread their food everywhere and even poo on the floor.… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

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Turkey Tuesdays: Ups and downs

The twerks have had their ups and downs recently.  Luckily, there are more ups than downs but it doesn't make the downs any better.  There is an old adage, "Where there is livestock there is dead stock", and it is very true. Sadly, this was the case with Gobbles.  Despite the antibiotics and the fact… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Ups and downs

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Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!

In our first turkey post we showed a picture of the chickadees dozing under the heat-lamp having just eaten half an egg.  Well, they have grown somewhat and 'eating half an egg' has turned into some feverish piranha-like egg devouring frenzy.  You'd think they were never fed... We've had a lot of people say that turkeys… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!

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Learning to twerk

About a month ago we decided that it would be a good idea to rear some turkeys for Christmas.  We did our usual research and found a 'local' (well, next county over) breeder who was selling Norfolk Black turkey chicks. We didn't set out to get Norfolk Blacks, all we really wanted were some chicks… Continue reading Learning to twerk