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The adventure begins…

It's been six months since our last blog post, and rest assured we haven't been resting on our laurels.  A lot can happen in that time period and it certainly has!  So, lets fill you in on what has been happening... On 28th October 2016 we completed on our farm! After a lot of searching… Continue reading The adventure begins…


New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)

This week we welcome two new arrivals to the flock...these aren't Ryelands, or Blue-faced Leicesters.  They are Bowmonts! The Bowmont is a little-known breed that was developed in Scotland. We'll put a dedicated post up about this breed at a later date as it has a very interesting history and  a rather bright future. Mr… Continue reading New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)

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Making allot(ment) out of a little

The front garden at 28 has always been a bone of contention.  While we are very, very lucky to have a back and a front garden, as well as parking (tricky in some parts of our village), the front garden just hasn't seemed to work for us. When we first moved in the front garden was… Continue reading Making allot(ment) out of a little

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Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)

There is an area at the side of the drive which has been disused for a fair while now.  As children we used to scurry under the low boughs, climb the trees and make dens and camps in the shade beneath them.  However, nowadays this is just a habitat for weeds and it could -… Continue reading Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)