Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles

When we first got the chickadees we joked about one being called 'Gobbles', as per the South Park episode.  Well, it turns out we do have a Gobbles on our hands. Initially we thought that s/he had a slipped tendon and while we put her on box rest away from the others (they are very… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles

Number 28, Turkey, Video

Turkey Tuesdays: Curious Chickadees

One of the great things about technology is that we can share so many different formats of things: of turkey chicks... Here we have the chickadees at about a week old, they've never seen a mobile phone before, let a lone been videoed by one.

Number 28, Turkey

Learning to twerk

About a month ago we decided that it would be a good idea to rear some turkeys for Christmas.  We did our usual research and found a 'local' (well, next county over) breeder who was selling Norfolk Black turkey chicks. We didn't set out to get Norfolk Blacks, all we really wanted were some chicks… Continue reading Learning to twerk