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Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

The twerks are now spending more time outside and less time in the kitchen, which is a bit of a relief. Being greeted by chirps is lovely, but these little feathery beasties are the worst roommates ever. They stay up late into the night chatting, spread their food everywhere and even poo on the floor.… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Getting dirty

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Turkey Tuesdays: Eating machines

We've had a lot going on in the world of the twerks over the past couple of weeks and they have been growing at a rate of knots.  What were once small, fluffy chicks that lived in a heat lamp under the kitchen are now young birds that are intent on bringing destruction upon our… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Eating machines

Number 28, Turkey, Video

Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!

In our first turkey post we showed a picture of the chickadees dozing under the heat-lamp having just eaten half an egg.  Well, they have grown somewhat and 'eating half an egg' has turned into some feverish piranha-like egg devouring frenzy.  You'd think they were never fed... We've had a lot of people say that turkeys… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Egg time!