New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)

This week we welcome two new arrivals to the flock...these aren't Ryelands, or Blue-faced Leicesters.  They are Bowmonts! The Bowmont is a little-known breed that was developed in Scotland. We'll put a dedicated post up about this breed at a later date as it has a very interesting history and  a rather bright future. Mr… Continue reading New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)


Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build

Our feathery lodgers were only ever meant to live with us temporarily and though they haven't quite out stayed their welcome they do need to move on to pastures new. We have found a nice evening,  sheltered spot for them up at the field and have started bringing together everything we need to make them… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build


Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 

Time flies, especially when you've got five turkeys growing at a rate of knots!  Now that they are fully feathered and definitely not a viable cat target the Twerks are living get outside.  Their cage has been extended and during the day the roam around the garden.  While this is a good thing for them,… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 


The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Love this yarn!

Dartmoor Creative - Bekki Hill

I’m very very excited to finally be able to tell you about the project I’ve been working on for the last few months.

As regular readers know I’m not just passionate about knitting, I’m also passionate about Dartmoor and about British wool. In autumn last year, I was toying with designing knitting patterns more seriously when my passions collided and I came up with the idea of creating knitting kits using the wool from sheep that graze on Dartmoor.

Sheep Parade

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