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We have been a bit lax on the blogging front recently. Well, that is a bit of an understatement! If this was a school report, it would contain phrases such as 'could to better' and 'see me'. But we have good reasons for our blog silence! And no...the dog did not eat our internet or… Continue reading Where to begin…


New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)

This week we welcome two new arrivals to the flock...these aren't Ryelands, or Blue-faced Leicesters.  They are Bowmonts! The Bowmont is a little-known breed that was developed in Scotland. We'll put a dedicated post up about this breed at a later date as it has a very interesting history and  a rather bright future. Mr… Continue reading New things afoot (or is it a hoof?)


Blacker St Kilda – Test Knitters Wanted

I can’t get knitting something like that, especially not in the time period. But it may be something others are interested in! This yarn is gorgeous and the colours are absolutely stunning!

As part of our ongoing plan to stock only UK wools (so grown, processed, spun and dyed in the UK) I’ve been looking for a laceweight yarn.

After a lot of searching I found Blacker yarns St Kilda. It’s an amazing blend of Soay, Boreray and Shetland – really gorgeous stuff. So I crossed everything, contacted Blacker and asked if I could buy some to dye.

Then things got really exciting.

I’ve been collaborating with Blacker and we’re thrilled that there will be 10 dyed and 2 natural shades of this amazing yarn.

 photo _SMM5829_zpsxlddv5e5.jpg

As well as 50 gram skeins with 350 meters each at £18, there will also be mini skein sets.

 photo _SMM5879_zpsyfkz6d3m.jpg

 photo _SMM5875_zpseswjqkfu.jpg

The yarns will launch at Yarndale on the 24th of September.

However there is a way you can get your hands on these yarns soon.

The lovely Sonja from Blacker yarns has designed a gorgeous shawl, and we’re…

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Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build

Our feathery lodgers were only ever meant to live with us temporarily and though they haven't quite out stayed their welcome they do need to move on to pastures new. We have found a nice evening,  sheltered spot for them up at the field and have started bringing together everything we need to make them… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build


Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 

Time flies, especially when you've got five turkeys growing at a rate of knots!  Now that they are fully feathered and definitely not a viable cat target the Twerks are living get outside.  Their cage has been extended and during the day the roam around the garden.  While this is a good thing for them,… Continue reading Turkey Tuesdays: Out and about 


The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Love this yarn!

Dartmoor Yarns

I’m very very excited to finally be able to tell you about the project I’ve been working on for the last few months.

As regular readers know I’m not just passionate about knitting, I’m also passionate about Dartmoor and about British wool. In autumn last year, I was toying with designing knitting patterns more seriously when my passions collided and I came up with the idea of creating knitting kits using the wool from sheep that graze on Dartmoor.

Sheep Parade

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Introducing Our Latest Yarn

It seems a long time since Yarndale when I chatted to Lara at the Natural Fibre Company (part of Blacker Yarns) about spinning up a new yarn for us.

Lara spent a lot of time discussing different options with me.

The yarn had to be spun from fleece grown in the UK.

We also wanted something a bit different – a yarn with character rather than yet another generic merino blend.

What we really wanted for a yarn which would work beautifully for garments as well as accessories.

What we ended up with was even better than I’d hoped.


Our new yarn is a blend of 85% UK Wensleydale and 15% UK Shetland.

Each 100 gram skein is approximately 400 meters long and will cost £18.50


This is a yarn with masses of character. It’s been spun with a high twist, so it’s designed to wear well.


My acid test…

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