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A wild blog post appears!

As promised, a blog post has appeared!  So, what've we been up to over the past week? Those of you that follow our Instagram account will have seen a few pictures of what has been going on over the past week. We'll start with a bit of sad news; our lovely Gizzy sadly had to be put… Continue reading A wild blog post appears!


The Lambing Shed (Part 3)

With the structure now fairly sound (we hope!) we started looking at the inside of the lambing shed.  This is what we had been looking forward to!  We had a few criteria that we needed to meet; we needed electric, pens, a pen with a heat lamp, open space, and areas to store feed and… Continue reading The Lambing Shed (Part 3)

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The Lambing Shed (Part 2)

With the inside in a slightly more acceptable condition, we started to focus on the front of the shed.  The cladding was very weather worn and rotting in places and so we decided to strip this off and replace it with treated plywood panels. This was relatively easy as we do tend to excel in… Continue reading The Lambing Shed (Part 2)

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Sheep maintenance

This weekend Binty and Little P took on the not-so-easy task of worming and Heptavac-ing the flock. For those who aren't well versed in sheep maintenance, it is important to ensure that they are up to date with everything, especially prior to lambing.  Heptavac P Plus is a vaccination that covers Pasturella as well as diseases… Continue reading Sheep maintenance


Those aren’t Ryelands…

A little update on our (not so) baby Bluefaces.  'Cadbury' is now called Sweetheart and has settled in well with her flock of black Bluefaces and Gotlands in Cornwall.  The remaining two girls have retained their names of Fruit and Nut...Nut is currently living up to hers and is rather unwilling to socialise.  Fruit, however has… Continue reading Those aren’t Ryelands…