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Beetroot Crisps: Take Two

We've had a lot of success with beetroot this year, both at Number 28 and at Firfield.  While this is good news, there is only so much beetroot that you can eat, cook, trade, give away, dye with (and the list goes on!) something needed to be done with the glut.  After all, Tyrrell's can make… Continue reading Beetroot Crisps: Take Two

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Planning for wet weather

It looks like this bank holiday is going to be a bit rainy...surprise surprise!  So in preparation for this we've stocked up on a few essentials to keep us entertained.  The few blackberries that overhang the fence at Number 28 have been collected, apples and lavender have been gathered from Firfield, and a few essential… Continue reading Planning for wet weather

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No more summer?

This morning there was a definite chill to the air, and the sun is not rising as quickly as it has over the past weeks (or at least it seems that way).  It has slowly dawned on us that summer is coming to an end and autumn is creeping in.  Normally we would lament this, but… Continue reading No more summer?

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Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)

There is an area at the side of the drive which has been disused for a fair while now.  As children we used to scurry under the low boughs, climb the trees and make dens and camps in the shade beneath them.  However, nowadays this is just a habitat for weeds and it could -… Continue reading Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)