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The amatuer socktographer strikes again

After feeling guilty about Little P's socks, I decided to give them another go.  As I had expected, they required a full frog and re-consideration of the pattern.  After much thought (and a couple of glasses of wine), I realised that the best way forward would be to stick with what I know (and I… Continue reading The amatuer socktographer strikes again

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I sock at puns

It's been a little while since I started the Riverbed Socks for Little P, and they are...paused.  I turned probably my best heel yet, went away for a week and promptly forgot where I was in the pattern.  Unfortunately I don't have the knitting prowess (read patience) to work out 100% where I am, so these… Continue reading I sock at puns

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Riverbed Socks

For a few months I have had a ball of Crazy Zauberball nestled away in my stash.  I bought this after seeing the Brixton Market Shawl and fell in love with the every changing colours.  But what should I do with it?  Well, seeing as I've enjoyed making socks and I know Little P always needs… Continue reading Riverbed Socks

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The socks are done!

A while ago I started knitting some socks and vowed to finish them during Socktober.  Believe it or not, they were finished on time...and then  worn, washed and all blog posts were forgotten about!  Until now, that is. Presenting, the finished socks made from the totally awesome yarn mentioned in this post.  The self-striping aspect worked really… Continue reading The socks are done!

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Making the most of Christmas Cards

The first Christmas card was sent in 1843 and since then the tradition has grown into something that is done by most people.  It is fantastic to both send and receive cards, especially when you have friends and family all over the world.  The only downside to this is what to do with the cards… Continue reading Making the most of Christmas Cards


Start on Christmas

Seeing as Christmas is looming on the horizon (exactly one month today, people!) we'll be featuring a few Christmas related crafty bits and recipes alongside the usual updates. Today's little bit of craft came from a magazine goodness knows how many weeks/months/years ago.  A quick (probably 2 hours) bit of cross stitch that has resulted… Continue reading Start on Christmas

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Fish Hat [Dead or alive?]

Sometimes you see something and think 'I must have that'.  Well, this was a similar situation except the exact phrase was 'I must knit that'. Whilst perusing various knitting sites, I came across Knitty and started looking at their patterns. One pattern jumped out at me, because it made me laugh and is the sort of attire that wouldn't be… Continue reading Fish Hat [Dead or alive?]