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A wild blog post appears!

As promised, a blog post has appeared!  So, what've we been up to over the past week? Those of you that follow our Instagram account will have seen a few pictures of what has been going on over the past week. We'll start with a bit of sad news; our lovely Gizzy sadly had to be put… Continue reading A wild blog post appears!

Chickens, Number 28

High eggspectations?

The vigilant amongst you will have noticed that things have gone very quiet on our chick-hatching front. Infact, things have not gone well at all. From where we left off with a series of minor disasters, our Brinsea mini-eco incubator did seem to work alright, for about 7 days. Then, one morning I came down to… Continue reading High eggspectations?

Chickens, Number 28

Eggciting Times (Or; The trials and tribulations of home incubation)

My 30th birthday came and went, and the promised (easter?) Ixworth eggs didn't materialise. A little worried, I had TheWife chase the online shop she bought them from, only to discover to our surprise that not only did they not have any Ixworth eggs available, they actually didn't have any laying hens either!! Quite when… Continue reading Eggciting Times (Or; The trials and tribulations of home incubation)

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Our battery hens

After posting about making a treat for the chickens on Sunday, I remembered that not all of our chickens have had the same start.  Earlier this year Binty bought some ex-battery hens who are now in retirement with her.  This is retirement in the sense that they weren't bought with the expectation of eggs, simply to… Continue reading Our battery hens

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A treat for the chickens

Life can be hard when you're a chicken.  Days are spent pecking and scratching, laying and dozing, dust-bathing and flapping.  Not to mention whiling away the hours dreaming about what would happen if someone left the gate to the garden open, and how long it would really take to demolish a healthy vegetable patch... In order to… Continue reading A treat for the chickens

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No more summer?

This morning there was a definite chill to the air, and the sun is not rising as quickly as it has over the past weeks (or at least it seems that way).  It has slowly dawned on us that summer is coming to an end and autumn is creeping in.  Normally we would lament this, but… Continue reading No more summer?

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Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)

There is an area at the side of the drive which has been disused for a fair while now.  As children we used to scurry under the low boughs, climb the trees and make dens and camps in the shade beneath them.  However, nowadays this is just a habitat for weeds and it could -… Continue reading Bockingham Palace (A new home for chickens)