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A wild blog post appears!

As promised, a blog post has appeared!  So, what’ve we been up to over the past week?

Those of you that follow our Instagram account will have seen a few pictures of what has been going on over the past week.

We’ll start with a bit of sad news; our lovely Gizzy sadly had to be put down this week.  Gizmo (AKA Gizzy) was a large lionhead rabbit who has been bought by Little P’s previous employers (a time before Binty’s Farm) as a meat rabbit!  As Little P took such a shine to him, she was given him as a gift and he has lived out his days with us.  His last year was spent at Binty’s Farm, mooching in an out of his shed and hopping around the back lawn.

All of our sheep have finally been shorn and the great fleece-sort will be happening next weekend.  The fleeces will be available on our Etsy Shop soon after; there will be the usual offering of Ryeland ewe, ram and shearing, Blue Faced Leicester, BFL x Ryeland and also Bowmont.  We’re looking into how to reduce our shipping rates to the USA at the moment as we’ve have lots of enquirers and don’t want anyone to miss out!

Pops has started harvesting potatoes.  We’re not entirely sure which variety they are as they were missed from the harvest last year and have gone native.  Either way, they are prolific and rather tasty!

Our little bees have been working really hard and we will be harvesting our honey in the coming weeks.  This year we should have a good few jars available both online and outside the front of the farm…you may also find Pops’ excess potatoes out there too!

On the chicken front, Ms Shirley Bassey (one of our Copper Black Marans) has decided to go broody and has the most terrible attitude in the hen patch!  All of the girls are avoiding her which also means avoiding the house and the nest boxes.  So, in order to combat this, Ms Bassey is currently in solitary confinement until she learns how to behave nicely again!

This coming week we are aiming to get a bit of work done in the garden (the pond is full of fish that need rehoming!), plan and remove the bathroom ready for re-modelling and also to do as many rain dances as possible!

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