Field, Sheep

The adventure begins…

It’s been six months since our last blog post, and rest assured we haven’t been resting on our laurels.  A lot can happen in that time period and it certainly has!  So, lets fill you in on what has been happening…

On 28th October 2016 we completed on our farm!
After a lot of searching our quest finally ended in the village of Boscastle in Cornwall.  We found the perfect holding with 8 acres of pastureland, some dilapidated outbuildings and a beautiful established garden.  It also has a pretty nice view from the fields.

Semi fencedWithin a day of completing (on 29th October) local contractors started the first phase of fencing in the lower field as it was only a matter of days before the rams were due to go in with our ewes.  This was our first priority as the grazing was split in two with a field bank, but didn’t allow for rotational grazing.  The fields hadn’t been grazed for a few years and though they had been cut for hay the quality of the grass was far below what we expected so we needed to be able to rest areas to allow for as much recovery as possible.  This gave us 4 paddocks; 4 acres, 2 acres and 2 x 1 acres.

Over the next month the sheep were brought over from Devon and we began to get into the daily swing of life.  Moving house was a big change, but the one of the most wonderful things was not having to drive 5 miles every time we needed to check on the sheep.  The ability to do it with a cup of tea in hand, or to call them from the bottom gate is wonderful!  Everything we wanted to do was dependent on the weather, and so we made plans, drew pictures and started some minor inside jobs…after all, this is our home too!





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