Field, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build 3

Mr P-J has been working very hard on the turkey enclosure and it is finally finished!

With a bit of help from Binty and Little P we now have netting across the top of the area, just in case the turkeys decide to have a bit of a flap. Much like some aircraft, turkeys are capable of VTOL (vertical take off and landing) and they do like to make the most of this when it comes to finding high roosting areas.
Inside the shed the twerks have two different height perches for roosting.  As they get bigger we’re not sure if they are going to be as keen on aerial acrobatics, sleep it’s only fair to give them the option! Outside they have a grass area, a mud area which will be good for dustbathing when it dries out and another, slightly bouncy perch which has they have already put to use!

The garden is quiet without them, but they are better off in their new home where they can romp and bound about without having to be  corralled into their tiny run at the end of three day.

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