Turkey Tuesdays: Let’s build

Our feathery lodgers were only ever meant to live with us temporarily and though they haven’t quite out stayed their welcome they do need to move on to pastures new.

We have found a nice evening,  sheltered spot for them up at the field and have started bringing together everything we need to make them a secure home.  While we aren’t trying to make Fort Knox, we do want to make something that will keep the our not-so-little Twerks safe.

So far, we have assembled a shed, various posts and wire. It does look a little bit like a rubbish store at the moment, but we are hoping that in the coming weeks it will begin to take shape. We already have an IBC on site which is fed from the field shelter’s guttering. This will be purely for the turkeys as we can add cider vinegar to it without giving it to the other inhabitants of the field.

Let’s get building!

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