Chickens, Number 28

High eggspectations?

The vigilant amongst you will have noticed that things have gone very quiet on our chick-hatching front. Infact, things have not gone well at all.

From where we left off with a series of minor disasters, our Brinsea mini-eco incubator did seem to work alright, for about 7 days. Then, one morning I came down to the ‘heat’ light on permanently, and the thermometer reading 22 degrees C. Oh dear.

A quick google search would suggest that all may not have been lost – we didn’t know exactly how long the incubator hadn’t worked for, and apparently the eggs are quite resilient to temperature drops – so long as they don’t overheat. So I started checking everything over, only to discover that actually it wasn’t the incubator that was actually at fault – it was the power transformer! Evidently not putting out enough juice to keep the heater running properly. A rummage in my spares drawer came up trumps – Brinsea incubator power supplies are almost exactly the same as 3.5″ External Hard Disk Drive power supplies!!


We crossed our fingers, and let everything come back to temperature – we candled the eggs 48 hours later, and saw twitching in 2 of them – our hopes were raised, but evidently the damage had been done, as we let the eggs go past full-term and not one of the eggs hatched.

Not being one to let it slide, I tweeted Brinsea about it, and was told to email them and they would sort things out. However, their idea of customer support is telling you that they are perfectly happy to SELL you a replacement power supply, after theirs has failed and ruined your entire clutch. Wont be buying from them again i’m afraid!


We were sorely disappointed not to have a hatching of Ixworths this time around, but we are not going to let this be the end. After a few weeks of keeping our eye on Buy/Sell/Want on Facebook, a 24-egg semi-automatic Chick-tec incubator came up! I parted company with 65 of our English pounds, and we are kitted up to try again once the Twerkies are out of the garden! 🙂


What is particularly nice about this new incubator is that it adjusts for different sizes of egg – so we could incubate anything from Quail up to Goose…

Pheasants, anybody?


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