Turkey, Video

Turkey Tuesdays: Eating machines

We’ve had a lot going on in the world of the twerks over the past couple of weeks and they have been growing at a rate of knots.  What were once small, fluffy chicks that lived in a heat lamp under the kitchen are now young birds that are intent on bringing destruction upon our garden by eating everything in their path.

The twerks are now on adult food mixed in with the remaining crumbs and are getting through nearly half a kilogram of food per day as well as as many little tid-bits that we can supply them.  They are rapidly outgrowing their current enclosure and will soon be moving up to their new enclosure up at the field.  This is still under construction, and a whole blog post in its own right!

When we had a nice day, we decided to put a bowl of water in the run to see what the twerks would do.  As they grow, so does their curiosity!


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