Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles’ adventure

It didn’t take long for Gobbles to get bored of her box and start shouting.  We found that she would sit in the corner and get comfortable, then be unwilling to move to get food or drink.  So, we did what any rational people would do: took her to work to make sure she ate and drank enough.

You know you’re in the right job when your boss doesn’t even blink at a turkey chick trying to climb over your keyboard…


Gobbles’ adventure: Day 1
Today consisted of falling in her water bowl, scattering chick crumbs all over the desk, keyboard mountaineering and shouting at the top of her voice every time I left her sight. Oh, and little naps in her hat.  After all of that hard work, the evening was spent on the sofa knitting and watching RHS gardens.

Gobbles’ adventure: Day 2
A day full of people, cuddles and egg. Lots of egg.  Gobbles decided that crumbs and water were all well and good, but if she could see a plate of egg (which I foolishly thought was out of her line of sight), this was what she wanted and attempted to escape her cardboard compound to get to it.  After much deliberation we went to see the V.E.T.  Luckily, she has little comprehension of words so didn’t seem too worried about the prospect of going.

It turns out that she has an infected joint, which is why she won’t use the leg.  So, she has been put on antibiotics to fix it.  How do you give antibiotics to a 160g turkey chick?  Simple, you dissolve 0.1g (yes, 0.1g) of the suspicious looking powder the V.E.T gave you in 200ml of Gobbles’ drinking water.  She hasn’t noticed any difference and so is drinking/playing/falling in it quite happily as usual.

Around 18 hours on, she seems to have dropped her leg a bit and is no longer holding it so tightly to her body which is a very good sign.  Binty’s Farm may have its first pet turkey…

1 thought on “Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles’ adventure”

  1. YAY! Take your turkey to work day! So good to hear Gobbles is improving. I once had to give antibiotics to my daughter’s pet mouse. I can’t even remember how we did it.


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