Garden, Number 28

Finishing the front garden

As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been working on the front garden in an effort to make it into something that is productive, aesthetically pleasing and something that makes up for the front of our house looking like a car park.  With all of the hard work under our belts we just had a little bit left to do to finish off our masterpiece, so on a warm Friday and rare day off, I made a start…or is that finish?



To begin with I dug up the well established heathers from the front edge, temporarily relocated them (propped them up in a corner) and set to levelling out the remaining soil.  This entailled shifting around 10 feed sacks worth of sod and stone, as well as hopping up and down from the lane (a c.5 foot drop) to make sure that the level was correct against the retaining wall.


Once this was done a black membrane was put down and secured to reduce the number of weeds that may attempt to colonise our new, tidy area.  This used less than a roll of membrane, and is definitely worth the extra grovelling around on the floor.  The last thing we want is to have to grovel around in the future to pull up weeds!  Then came the easy part – spreading out the chippings.  These came from a friend locally who had been doing a lot of tree work and has a huuuge pile of these…very useful indeed!


The final result is pretty smart, if we do say so ourselves!  Our neighbours have commented on it as well as the cornflowers (grown from seed by Binty) and the use of chimney pots (from Mr PJ’s boss’ house…given not stolen!) for extra planting.

So…which project is next?

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