Number 28, Turkey

Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles

When we first got the chickadees we joked about one being called ‘Gobbles’, as per the South Park episode.  Well, it turns out we do have a Gobbles on our hands.

Initially we thought that s/he had a slipped tendon and while we put her on box rest away from the others (they are very boisterous), she wasn’t showing any signs of improving.  She was still eating, drinking and wolfing down egg, so we decided that as she had some fight it would be unfair to do the obvious…

So, this video is of Gobbles in her ‘chick chair’.  Her dodgy leg had been splinted and the chair is designed to keep her up off the floor so she can’t put any weight on it.  This should have encouraged the tendon to stay in place (relocated skillfully by Mr PJ) and hopefully heal in whatever way possible.


After a day in the chick chair she managed to escape, and so we resorted to bandaging her leg, but letting her roam around the box.  Like a bored child, she proceeded to remove every piece of bandage we put on her, and so was confined to an even smaller box.

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