Garden, Number 28, Vegetables

A little harvest

030716For the past couple of weeks the weather has been decidedly damp, and moments in the garden have been few and far between.  However, today has been a bit nicer and so we managed to pop out and have a little harvest.

From the vegetable patch our the front we have an assortment of radishes, sadly as they came from a mixed packet of seeds we’re not entirely sure what they are!  There are also some peas from the two plants out in the back border (the front pea plants are still growing, but will be flowering soon).  There is also a small quantity of basil, these plants live in the kitchen and have had a bit of a prune in order to encourage them to bush out a bit.  We pricked out the tops when they were smaller but they have shot up over the past week.

The flower assortment are from various plants dotted around the garden.  The peach rose was here when we arrived,  so again we’re not quite sure what it is.  The Oxeye Daisies are actually growing as weeds alongside a potted banana plant, but they are rather pretty.  The cornflowers and sweetpeas are just starting to flower, they were grown from seed this year.  The Sweet Williams were planted last year and were due to be dug up over winter as they looked rather untidy and sprawling.  Its a good thing we left them, as they have flowered beautifully and produced a range of lovely pinks.

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