Chickens, Number 28

Eggciting Times (Or; The trials and tribulations of home incubation)

My 30th birthday came and went, and the promised (easter?) Ixworth eggs didn’t materialise. A little worried, I had TheWife chase the online shop she bought them from, only to discover to our surprise that not only did they not have any Ixworth eggs available, they actually didn’t have any laying hens either!! Quite when they were going to inform us of this I don’t know, but they were happy enough to take our money! (Strike 1!)

After arranging a refund, we tried again, and this time ordered from TheHeritageFarm. They were much more helpful, and arranged to post them out by next day, pre-1pm delivery so we would have them in our grubby mitts before the weekend. This was Thursday.

Friday, they didn’t arrive.

Our poor little eggs spent a long weekend in a cold Royal Mail depot, all on their lonesome. (Strike 2!)

Monday evening, they came home from the office, and were installed carefully into our borrowed ‘Brinsea Mini Eco’ incubator. Binty had only had two batches through it so far, though the fan is a bit noisy, and it was reluctant to come up to temperature to start with (Strike 2.5!!), after fiddling with the plug it seems to be OK. Fingers crossed everyone!



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