Chickens, Number 28

A pa(ou)ltry first article

My fondness for chickens heralds back over 15 years, to growing up with my mother keeping a variety of pure and mixed breed chickens and ducks in an old shed in our garden – Indeed the once commonplace smell of creosote brings back particularly strong memories!


But of all the breeds she had; Warrens, Light Sussex, Welsummer, Call ducks, and Muscovys, I can safely say my absolute favourite of all her birds was a handsome Ixworth cock who we called ‘Izzie’.

Izzie the Ixworth was I think one of my mums favourites too, and around the turn of the millennium when he contracted nasty case of coccidiosis he was taken straight down the vet and was given a course of anticoccidial medication, and the instruction to keep him warm and dry overnight.

So home he came, a very sad state of affairs, and mum decided that best thing for him was to go into a dog cage in a dry corner of our living room until he was better. Unfortunately the living room was right under ~13 year old me’s bedroom.

Izzie the Ixworth was feeling a lot better the next morning, and found his crow at half past 4 on a school day. I wasn’t impressed – but it obviously left a lasting impression!


So forward to present day, and TheWife™ lets slip that perhaps for my 30th birthday I might like half a dozen Ixworth hatching eggs, and she might know where to get some – the start of another little venture for us at Bintys Farm!

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