Time for a change…

2016 did not get off to a quiet start (what a surprise), which is one of the reasons why we’ve been so quiet on here.  Lambing is well underway and there will be some pictures in the near future, but right now we are saying ‘goodbye’ to a very large part of our lives.

For the l12442925_10154848828164152_2119088158_n.jpgast 20 years Firfield has been our family home.  We’ve renovated it, extended it and grown up in it.  The garden has been transformed from a jungle (fantastic when you’ve little) to decorate borders, productive vegetable patches and chicken and bee areas.  However, as we are no longer children, it is only right that this family home goes into the care of another family, and we move on to looking for our dream property.  The family that are moving in are the same sort of age as we were when we took up the baton, and no doubt they will put their own stamp on Firfield just as we have.

So this weekend, we’ll be finishing off the move into our temporary accommodation while the search for our new home continues.

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