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The socks are done!

SONY DSCA while ago I started knitting some socks and vowed to finish them during Socktober.  Believe it or not, they were finished on time…and then  worn, washed and all blog posts were forgotten about!  Until now, that is.

Presenting, the finished socks made from the totally awesome yarn mentioned in this post.  The self-striping aspect worked really well, and though there is variation on the heels (one is blue and one is coloured), they look and feel fantastic.  The only thing that needs improvement (well, apart form the usual practice, practice, practice) is the casting off.  next time I will probably use an elastic bind off and will make a point of securing it properly, as one of these is already looking like it may un-bind at the top.  At least it is easier to fix than a toe coming undone!

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