Craft, Number 28

Making the most of Christmas Cards

The first Christmas card was sent in 1843 and since then the tradition has grown into something that is done by most people.  It is fantastic to both send and receive cards, especially when you have friends and family all over the world.  The only downside to this is what to do with the cards after the Christmas period is over.

Recycling is the first and most obvious answer.  Popped into our little green boxes, these cards will be recycled and re-used as packaging and paper.  Those with a bit more time on their hands can also recycle them into burnable briquettes for the fire.

TagsIf you are of a more crafty nature (or destructive, depending on your view point!), Christmas cards make fantastic gift tags for next year’s presents.  So, once you’ve finished making a list of who sent you cards this year and who is on or off next year’s cards, you can while away an hour or so with a pair of scissors, a cup of tea and a film – perfect for when the weather is as terrible as it currently is.

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