Wovember Words: Pratchett

We do like a good Pratchett, and the blanket!


Thank you so much to WOVEMBER reader KATA, who wanted to contribute a little nod to knitting from the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.


I have been re-reading the Discworld novels and although Terry Pratchett does not seem to have had a soft spot for sheep, there is this episode in Carpe Jugulum:

‘Yeah,’ said Nanny, in what Agnes thought was an odd tone of voice. ‘Just as well, really. Let’s go. Oh, I thought we might need these…’

She fumbled in the bottomless storeroom of her knickerleg and produced a couple of pairs of socks so thick that they could have stood up by themselves.

‘Lancre wool,’ she said. ‘Our Jason knits ’em of an evenin’ and you know what strong fingers he’s got. You could kick your way through a wall.’

The heather ripped fruitlessly at the wire-like wool as the women hurried over the moor. There…

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