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Beetroot Crisps: Take Two

We’ve had a lot of success with beetroot this year, both at Number 28 and at Firfield.  While this is good news, there is only so much beetroot that you can eat, cook, trade, give away, dye with (and the list goes on!) something needed to be done with the glut.  After all, Tyrrell’s can make crisps from beetroot, carrot and parsnip then so can we!

The first batch was not successful due to forgetting to set the timer and burning beetroot to a not-so-appealing crisp; the chickens benefited fromBeetrootcollage them, so not all was lost.  Much more planning and preparation was put into this next batch, so much so, that we even took arty photos to record the inevitable success of our culinary adventure.  The beetroot was tossed in oil and cooked with a scattering of freshly picked sage leaves for a little extra flavour.  Once removed from the oven (at the correct time), they were tossed in sea salt and the excitement was palpable.  Naturally, we were pretty disappointed when we found they didn’t taste very nice at all.  What had gone wrong?  The beetroot was fresh, as were the sage leaves – could it be the oil?  Quite possibly.  The chickens weren’t picky, though.

We are undeterred…mostly because there are still a good few very late-planted beetroot in the patch at Number 28 which are due to be dug up.  More research with no doubt be done, and the chickens may not benefit from batch three.  Third time lucky!

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