Start on Christmas

Seeing as Christmas is looming on the horizon (exactly one month today, people!) we’ll be featuring a few Christmas related crafty bits and recipes alongside the usual updates.

Small cross stitch project

Today’s little bit of craft came from a magazine goodness knows how many weeks/months/years ago.  A quick (probably 2 hours) bit of cross stitch that has resulted in something that can be sent as a card (as it probably will be) or even used as a decoration.  Cross stitch is one of those crafts that can be used to make tiny little things that can be used as details or embellishment, or massive works of art that takes hundreds of hours to complete.  If you haven’t done any before and feel like giving it a go The Cross Stitch Guild have got a very good introductory video as well as tips and tutorials on the equipment and stitches.  For those that feel that cross stitch is boring and a bit dated, I’d strongly suggest checking out the variety of projects on Pinterest.

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