Those aren’t Ryelands…

Fruit and girls
Fruit and girls

A little update on our (not so) baby Bluefaces.

 ‘Cadbury’ is now called Sweetheart and has settled in well with her flock of black Bluefaces and Gotlands in Cornwall.  The remaining two girls have retained their names of Fruit and Nut…Nut is currently living up to hers and is rather unwilling to socialise.  Fruit, however has decided that have a scratch behind the ears is a small sacrifice when food is involved – she has definitely been learning from the Ryelands!  They are both developing into good, long sheep and we’re still amazed at the size of them.  To put this in perspective, the Ryeland ewes in the picture are fully grown, while Fruit is a 2015 lamb!   (On a side note, the ewe on the left is Annie, the oldest in our flock who was looking a bit worse for wear at the time of the picture – she’s a much better weight now, but probably won’t be lambing again.)

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