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Fish Hat [Dead or alive?]

Sometimes you see something and think ‘I must have that’.  Well, this was a similar situation except the exact phrase was ‘I must knit that’.

Whilst perusing various knitting sites, I came across Knitty and started looking at their patterns. One pattern jumped out at me, becFishyause it made me laugh and is the sort of attire that wouldn’t be out of place on Binty’s Farm.

Fish Hat [Dead or Alive?], also known as ‘Fishy’ is the perfect stash-busting pattern with a few technical bits and bobs, and the option to use as few (or many) colours as the knitter wants.

The image shows the different designs that Fishy can be made in, as well as the option to have your fish dead or alive.  The bottom left picture belongs to Selkie of Ravelry, while the rest come from the original  website.

Once I’ve got a project or two off the needles, I’ll start on my own little fish hat!

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