Chickens, Number 28, Recipe

A treat for the chickens

Life can be hard when you’re a chicken.  Days are spent pecking and scratching, laying and dozing, dust-bathing and flapping.  Not to mention whiling away the hours dreaming about what wouldChickentreat happen if someone left the gate to the garden open, and how long it would really take to demolish a healthy vegetable patch…

In order to break the monotony of modern chicken life, I decided to treat our little feathered friends to a chicken-friendly ‘pudding’, which also helped with some excess bits and bobs in the kitchen.  Inevitably, there is always something that goes out of date (or past its best) when you go away for a weekend!


Various unwanted vegetables


  • Get a large bowl and lay the bread in it (à la bread and butter pudding)
  • Pour milk over the top
  • Leave to congeal marinade until the bread has soaked up all of the milk
  • Add vegetables

On the vegetable menu today we have carrot peelings and pea shells with a possibility of some potato peelings.  Happy Sunday, little chickens!

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