All you need is love (and cool cards)

We’ve made the most oLovecardf the dodgy weather and cooler evenings recently by letting our craftiness out.  As a result of this we have made a selection of cards for (nearly) every occasion!

We’re very pleased to say that everything is made by us on recycled card stock.  “All you need is love” is an A6 card (half of A5) which is typed on a 1930’s typewriter (because…why not?) and finished with a hand-drawn and coloured heart.  We were going to attempt some sort of Sistine Chapel masterpiece, but the world isn’t ready for another Michelangelo!

The cards are available via our Etsy shop and are made to order, so they can be personalised in any way you like.  We’re also offering a 10% discount at the moment (to try to perk up those who are missing the summer weather), so make sure you us 10OFF2015 when you go to pay.

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