More sheep?!

For a little while we’ve been toying with the idea of getting some more sheep: not a vast number, but just a few for cross-breeding purposes.  The Ryelands are perfect for us and we’re still going to be breeding pedigree stock, we’re just going to be investigating other options.

This funny looking sheep is a Blue Faced Leicester (or BFL). They are used as a terminal sire for breeding Mules as well as crossing with other breeds to improve lambing percentages and growth.  They also have an awesome (albeit small) fleece that makes some of the most popular yarns in the UK.

Our question is…what would happen if you crossed a BFL with a Ryeland?  There is only one way to find out!  We have found some BFLs just down the road from us, and will be picking two ewe lambs up at the beginning of next month.  Over the next year we’ll be able to see how the grow in comparison to this years Ryeland lambs, and then they can go to our rams in October next year (2016).  Crossbreeding and breed development takes time, so we’re happy not to rush into it.

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