Field, hay, Sheep

We’ve got hay…sort of

This afternoon around 5pm Binty got a call from the contractor who has been sorting out our hay.  “The hay is done, but you’re going to want to put it away before it starts raining.”  Sadly by the time the phone-call had ended rain was starting to set in.  So, we all pitched in; Mr P, Mr P-J, myself, little P and little P’s farming partner…a real busman’s holiday on his only day off.

We managed to gather all of the bales and put just over half into the field shelter, the rest were put under a tarp.  It isn’t looking great – wet hay bales tend to weigh in excess of 20kg which makes them harder to handle and also they will also take longer to dry out.  With any luck the bales in the shelter should start drying out.

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