Field, Sheep

Hardcore Blackberrying

The weather today was perfect for blackberrying and so we went to the field to see what the hedges had in store for us.  We weren’t disappointed!

Usually when we pick Blackberries and Hawesblackberries we are very careful not to strip the bushes of every piece of fruit so that there is always something left for the animals that live off (and within) the hedgerows.  In this instance, there were so many little fruits that we were unable to reach at least half of them so there were no worries about being greedy.  As well as blackberries, hawberries are starting to ripen and dot the hedge with little clusters of red.  Once these are a bit more plentiful, we will start gathering some up for a bit of jam making.

Pink fingersOne of the downsides of blackberry picking; pink fingers!  We ended up with 2.7kg in the end…these are going to be frozen for the time being so that we can get cooking with them and some other fruits later in the month.  There are so many things that can be done with blackberries, and we’ll be popping up to the field again next weekend to see if any more blackberries have ripened for picking.

Curious ewes Of course, it would be rude to visit the field and not say ‘hello’ to the girls.  We are pretty sure that they are the reason that there are no blackberries below waist level, and as always the noise of a plastic bag brought them all along for a look!  The ewes are enjoying some fresh grass in one of the rested paddocks so that they will be in fine fettle when the rams go in in a month’s time.

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