First foray into lace

A little while ago I decided to venture into lacework and have a go at knitting something a little different.  Little did I know I was venturing into new territory which the Binty’s Farm knitters had yet to explore…

I managed to procure two balls (100g) Blacker Yarns Blue Faced Leicester lace-weight yarn in ‘Summer Sea’.  It looks and feels lovely and I knew that I had to do something with it.  I just wasn’t sure what.   After seeking pattern advice from the lovely Sonja, I started off on the Lilac Wish Shawl.  I had a few false starts, but after a while the easy bit was done (that is what the picture shows).  Initially, this was started on basic Pony circular needles but they didn’t have the point that lace requires, so I looked at my options.  After chatting to my local yarn shop, I bought a few sets of Knit Pro Karbonz (well, Mr PJ bought them for me as an anniversary gift!), and despite the fact that I hate the word ‘karbonz’, they have worked like a dream.

I have now paused for thought…I am most certainly not paralysed with fear…no, no, no…but the lace section is calling!

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