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Getting in the spirit of things

After a rather fun hen-do the bride to be asked me if I would mind making a bottle of my Garden Vodka for her.  It would appear the mini-bottles I did for Christmas last year went down rather well.  Of course, I agIngredientsreed to make said alcohol, fully forgetting that I didn’t have a recipe for it.  The 2014 Garden Vodka was simply the  fruit I had left after jam making, some sugar and vodka.  No weights, no quantities; just good old guess-work.  For the 2015 wedding version (of which there is only one bottle, currently), I decided it would be prudent to keep a note of what was used, and tried to replicate the last recipe as best as possible.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  The notes of the ingredients have been put somewhere safe, so a picture will have to suffice!  The pictures ingredients are; 1 cooking apple, 2 eating apples, 3 plums, blackberries, cherries and apricots.  The weight of the fruit doesn’t matter too much – I used the equivalent weight in sugar as I had less than a month to let the fruity flavours seep into the alcohol (750ml of cheap vodka).

A word about vodka.  Even if you are making this for your best friend in the whole wide world, don’t use top notch vodka.  Premium alcohol should be savoured Vodkafor its unadulterated flavour (even if you aren’t a fan), and so it is a bit of a waste of money to chuck some fruit and sugar in it.  Now, I didn’t use the cheapest vodka I could find purely because I don’t want to blind my friends with dodgy alcohol/paint stripper, but I did pick one of the bottom-shelf varieties.  Once the sugar and fruit is in the taste of the neat alcohol is greatly improved.

Now, the mixture has little under a month to infuse.  It’ll be prodded/turned daily to ensure that everything gets a good rummaging around.  Ordinarily, this would be watched for a couple of weeks, then relegated to a cool dark place for a couple of months.  Anyway, now we wait…

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