Garden, Number 28

It’s a lizard – honest!

Mr P-J is not fond of snakes, or snake-like things, so when the cat brought this chap in he wasn’t too keen on dealing with it.  Luckily, I quite like slow worms!

Slow worms, or Anguis Fragilis to give their proper name, are a type of lizard (believe it or not): they blink and can have visible ears, traits that snakes do not have.  As children there were always slow worms in the garden for us to watch and (being children) pick up, but their numbers have decreased significatly in the past decade and they are now protected in the UK.

This is the fourth slow worm that we have relieved from the cat – all of which were miraculously unscathed (bar the odd shortened tail – a defence mechanism) and were released down the side of the shed where there are far too many brambles for cats to venture.  Apparently Mr P-J retrieved a larger specimen than this one…it was at least a foot long…it probably had fangs too…its a wonder he escaped with all his fingers!

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