Firfield, Sheep

All the best laid plans…

This morning we picked up our three girls and brought them back home. However, nothing ever goes to plan! We spent a long time clearing a lot of brambles from the edges of the fields, and have managed to re-claim an extra fifteen feet down one boundary which means the sheep will be able to get up close to the wall and use the overhanging trees for shelter from the elements. However, in doing this we have also given the sheep entry to a corner that is less than secure and we’re pretty sure that they will be out in a shot and into the fields across the way!

As a result of this we have decided to sacrifice the back lawns (much to the disdain of Mr P) and have erected electric fencing to keep them away from any plants that are attempting to grow in this cold weather. We’ve also put the trailer in an accessible place for them so that they can get out of the rain if needs be.

We have finally picked names for our new flock! Olive (also known as Hartgrove Dahlia) will keep her name and the two little lambs are going to be called Zita and Zinnia. In the picture, Olive is on the left, Zinnia in the middle and Zita on the right; Zinnia is recognisable because both of her ear tags sit upright.

Work is continuing on the field, and they should be able to move in in the next couple of days once we’ve fenced off the corner.

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